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EVEXIA company and brand originated from a family-run business based in Cyprus, which works in the agriculture, livestock farming and dairy production industries.

Being involved in the agricultural sector ensures that our animals are fed using our own feed.  In this way, it is possible to control milk quality in our advanced livestock unit established in 2008.

Our love for nature and animals as well as maintaining a healthy and balanced nutrition play an important role in our development. Both preserving the tradition and offering high quality products are crucial for us/ match the company culture, but we also wanted to freshen things up through modern packaging used for our products.

Our products include traditional sheep yoghurt, halloumi cheese, anari cheese, sheep milk airani and goat kefir.



Animal husbandry has always been a challenging sector; however, the key to success is loving the animals and knowing how to keep them healthy which involves both their physical and mental health. It all starts with their natural surroundings, living in the green, breathing fresh air and also consuming feed without any preservatives. We truly believe that these living conditions result in getting the best quality milk and, consequently, offering you the finest products.

Did you know that sheep offer more milk during the milking process if they listen to soft classical music?



As farmers we have the opportunity to experience first-hand the wonders of nature. For this reason, we are primarily concerned with protecting mother nature since this has a positive impact on our lives as well as the next generation.

Handling the soil properly gives us the chance to cultivate and produce our own feed including wheat and barley from which seeds, hay and silage are being stored to provide our animals with a balanced diet.

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